Smoking the peace pipe: Metallica

This was back in 1996. It was an extremely hot summer saturday, and I took the train from my parents town to Barcelona early in the morning. I had a mission. I was gonna buy the latest Metallica album: Load.

I had 1950 pesetas (almost 12€) with me I had earned by selling some crappy software I wrote through a computer magazine. I rushed to Carrer Tallers, to one of the many music stores that used to be there, I bought it together with a Sepultura – Roots tshirt and rushed to the train back home to enjoy the album.

At the beginning I loved it. But after some time I thought it was not extremely good. Probably the Black Album had set the bar too high. But I was happy. Listened to it over and over, as I used to do with all my new CDs.

Eventually I would listen to it only once in a while. And a few years afterwards, Napster came. I basically downloaded tons of music, most of which I already “owned”. I was so happy to be able to listen to music while working on my computer using my headphones that I immediately thought physical music media had no sense whatsoever.

And then the Napster – Metallica affair took place. At the beginning I was annoyed and angry. But after a few months, I just simply forgot about Metallica. And I think not only me. I can’t talk to my younger cousin about Metallica. He does not know them! How is that even possible? Everyone knows Metallica!!!1

Yesterday, 12 years after the blackout started, Metallica landed on the Internet. Landed on Spotify. I woke up this morning at 7.30AM, slightly hungover after the celebration, and I listened to the entire Load album on my way to work. And I loved it, as if I had just bought an old CD.