Changing default font size for Wireshark on OS X

Wireshark is an awesome tool, I am sure you all know that, but when you run it on Mac OS X it looks pretty horrible. Font sizes are disproportionate, it looks ugly. It all comes from the default gtk configuration it uses.

In order to make it look better, just change your gtk settings by running this on the command line:

echo 'gtk-font-name = "Sans 10"' > ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Note: This will change the font size for all your gtk apps, but I bet you don’t have many. There are other things you can do which involve changing the default settings shipped inside the package, but you’d lose those after every upgrade.

Thats it.

Surrendering on FeedBurner

FeedBurnerBack in 2005 I fell in love with FeedBurner, a simple web tool that sanitized RSS feeds, provided some promotion tools, added some tracking capabilities and very interestingly gave my followers a unique RSS URL they could subscribe to which would follow my blog regardless where I hosted it.

The tool itself was neat and simple, every now and then the service was down, but it was not really painful: Google Reader plays well with retries, and a delay serving your feed is not the end of the world.

The tool became more and more popular among bloggers, and in 2007 Google announced they acquired FeedBurner. Many people were very excited: it was obvious that it would really improve stability, Reader integration and what not.

But that was far from reality. They completely forgot about the tool. Left it in an almost unmaintained status that made it really painful to use. A few months afterwards they decided to integrate it with their Google Account subsystem. But nothing changed: no new features, annoying bugs, etc.

Today, I decided to stop using it: I discovered that since I switched into SSL by default, FeedBurner would not refresh my entries. Apparently they have a bug that prevents them from crawling some HTTPs based hosts. This bug has been around for more than a year, and it is still unfixed.

I really want to avoid adding an exception to my webserver to allow FeedBurner to crawl my feed without SSL, so, from now on, I’m taking over my canonical feed URL. And I keep my fingers crossed so FeedBurners 301 redirection to my URL will keep working after the deletion (that’s one of the features they have).

From now on, the canonical feed URL is:

First taste of HTML5 and CSS3

We have a day off today. Some people here celebrate the start of one of the biggest genocides in history. I’ve decided to spend today working in my ‘just for fun‘ stuff. I’ve been reading a lot lately about HTML5 and CSS3 (follow Dion Almaer on Twitter to get the latest news), and I’ve been looking for a moment to start playing with those things.

I’ve deployed a new version of, a website I created a while ago to play with Google App Engine and SEO. I’ve used the flexible box model for the vertical positioning, the color gradients, and my favourite feature: The multicolumn layout. I’ve also used several new HTML5 tags such as nav and footer.

It seems that we are going to have a strong standard for the real semantic web. Bonus: I’m also using microformats to identify my breadcrumbs.

Warning: you should use a browser supporting HTML5 and CSS3 to surf the site (FF4, Chrome or Safari will do the trick).

By now, you must know that the answer to life the universe and everything is 42.

Check the PageRank of your site, and some more things

Bicing BarcelonaI’ve been migrating some old projects I haven’t been maintaining for a while from my old Linode Xen server to my new OVH dedicated server. In case you missed them, check them out:

I’m keeping secret for a while two more surprises on the new server. Stay tuned during the following weeks.

What is new in iPad 4.2 iOS?

Here is my compilation of screenshots showing what is new in iOS 4.2 for iPad:

Some of the most remarkable features in iOS 4.2 beta:

  • Ability to choose font in Notes app
  • New languages (Catalan among them!)
  • Changed the default behaviour of rotate button: now it works as a Mute button (like in the iPhone)
  • Ability to create folders (groups) of programs in the desktop
  • Game Center
  • Multitasking!