I take pity on the Gmail sysadmins

I work as a sysadmin for money and for fun and I’m quite used to getting complaints when things are not working properly. That’s ok. But most of the times, I’m also quite used not to getting any kind of recognition when I keep things up and running and when I fix important issues (often not caused by me). So, now that Gmails not been working properly for a few hours, more than ever, keep up the great work Google guys.

You managed to create the best webmail service with weekly new features and with the best spam control one could imagine. Congratulations for your work.

One thought on “I take pity on the Gmail sysadmins

  1. And you’re the one who knows that I’ve been surfing porn!!! 😀

    No, seriously, everybody can make mistakes sometimes, most of all when you have to do with computers 🙂

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