Little Big Planet Soundtrack (Spotify)

I made a quick compilation of Little Big Planet sound tracks for Spotify users. By the way, I still have 8 3 Spotify invitations left. Just drop a comment to get one.

Update: I’ve run out of invitations. Will keep you updated if I get more.

28 thoughts on “Little Big Planet Soundtrack (Spotify)

  1. Hi.

    I don’ know what to write to get a spotify invitation, except that I dig your style:)
    Best regards

  2. Hallo David!

    I would like to get a Spotify invitation. I did like your site, and when I see that you have invitations to Spotify I try my luck:-)

    Best regards Terje

  3. Hi there!

    I would definately be happy if you have an invite left!
    Greetings from Marius

  4. Hola.

    Great webpage.
    I would thank you on my knees if you have a spare invitation to Spotify!

  5. Hi!
    Could I have an invitation, please?
    Friends tolk me wonders of Spotify!



  6. I would really appreciate it if i got an invite from you.. i’ve been all over the net tryin to find one.. pretty please 😎

  7. Hi there!

    Do you still have these spotify invitations? I’d be thankful if you could share one.

    And May The Force Be With You 😉


  8. Hi!

    Some of you were already registered on Spotify so I was not able to send new invitations. I’m only giving one invitation code for each ip address, sorry mates!

  9. Hey David!

    Is there still an invitation left? Would be great if you could send me one as well.. I’ve heard so many good things about spotify, but just can’t get access.

    Btw, your page rocks!

    Greets Klemens

  10. hey david!

    Do you still have an invitation left? Would really appreciate it!



  11. Hola
    I’m spanish too, well I want a spotify invitation… I you don’t mind… I want to try it…
    Best regards

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