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Leading the Service Reliability Engineering team at Spotify. Entrepreneur. FCBarcelona member. Catalan expat.

Viure fora: un any després

Feia temps que volia escriure una mica sobre la meva experiència des que vaig marxar de Catalunya per viure a Suècia ara fa un pèl més d’un any. No pretenc explicar si aquí es viu millor que a casa, o quines coses fan millor els suecs que nosaltres, però intentaré desmentir o confirmar alguns dels mites que circulen, i també comparar algunes qüestions rutinàries amb la vida que tenia abans a Catalunya.

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Green Unicorn, Django & nginx stuff you should read

Two months ago I wrote a guide on running Django apps using Gunicorn and nginx, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately on the Internet about the topic. Here there are several pages you should read:

Important, all starred and everything else: How I handle my email

Gmail mailboxes

There are a bunch of gurus on the Internet telling how to be productive. One of the main aspects in every article regarding the topic is the mailbox handling. I’m not trying to convince anyone about my method, but I want to share it. I’ve taken suggestions from several friends, and read some articles throughout time. This is how I do it:


  • I use Gmail web interface
  • I keep my personal and professional email separated (For my freelancer jobs, I’m using my personal account, though). I’m using Google Apps for Business in both cases.

Priority Inbox

  • I use Priority Inbox, which needs some training:
    • Direct emails from colleagues, friends, job opportunities, etc.: Marked as important
    • Mailing lists, newsletters and the rest of bulk email: Not important
  • This is how I configure my 3 panes:
    • First pane: Important email
    • Second pane: All starred email
    • Everything else
  • Show up to 10 messages in each pane (at most 30 emails in the Priority Inbox)

Reading email

  • Check Important pane emails (I do that every two hours):
    • If no answer is expected: read and archive
    • If I can answer quickly (or don’t need to prepare or gather information): reply, archive and star if I’m expecting an answer.
    • If I can’t answer right away, or need to prepare extra info: star and archive
  • Same rules ‘Everything else mail’ (I do that three times a week at most)

Starred email

If you follow all the steps above, you will end up having all the work to do in the ‘All starred’ pane. Try to keep the number of emails there below a reasonable number (I easily get stressed if it goes above 20). When you get the replies you were waiting for, apply same rules again: read and archive, reply archive and star (if it needs follow-up).

I ended up using Gmail with no filters at all, however, I strongly encourage to use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

Update 20101027: Google just announced a Gmail Labs feature that will allow you to auto-advance to the next conversation while deleting or muting messages using keyboard shortcuts. Cool!

First taste of HTML5 and CSS3

We have a day off today. Some people here celebrate the start of one of the biggest genocides in history. I’ve decided to spend today working in my ‘just for fun‘ stuff. I’ve been reading a lot lately about HTML5 and CSS3 (follow Dion Almaer on Twitter to get the latest news), and I’ve been looking for a moment to start playing with those things.

I’ve deployed a new version of nuumber.com, a website I created a while ago to play with Google App Engine and SEO. I’ve used the flexible box model for the vertical positioning, the color gradients, and my favourite feature: The multicolumn layout. I’ve also used several new HTML5 tags such as nav and footer.

It seems that we are going to have a strong standard for the real semantic web. Bonus: I’m also using microformats to identify my breadcrumbs.

Warning: you should use a browser supporting HTML5 and CSS3 to surf the site (FF4, Chrome or Safari will do the trick).

By now, you must know that the answer to life the universe and everything is 42.

Check the PageRank of your site, and some more things

Bicing BarcelonaI’ve been migrating some old projects I haven’t been maintaining for a while from my old Linode Xen server to my new OVH dedicated server. In case you missed them, check them out:

I’m keeping secret for a while two more surprises on the new server. Stay tuned during the following weeks.