151 thoughts on “60 more Spotify invitations

  1. Hi do you still have any invitations left? I would love to have one! Thanks man 🙂
    My email: web @ gykm.nl

  2. I have been waiting for a spotify invitation for ages now. Send me one if you still have them, I’d appreciate it very much! Thank you.

  3. Hello There
    would it be at all possible for me to have a Spotify Invitation please?
    rusty rockets

  4. Please send me an invitation, i was looking for months… and i couldnt find anyone… please 🙂 and thank you

  5. Daniel, soy el mismo Alberto de arriba

    Llevo buscando invitaciones durante meses… y nada no consigo encontrar ninguna, ninguna amigo mio tiene ni nada… te agregadeceria mucho si me enviases una

    Muchas Gracias y un saludo

  6. Hi,
    do you have a spotify invite?
    would really appreciate it!
    i love music so much its my passion and if you could get me an invite it would be great!

  7. plzzz if you have any invites left send me one..ive been waiting months for them to send me one and i would happily give up the invite they send me once it has arrived 😀

  8. i saw that no one asked for an invite for a while now… i was wondering if you got any more invites? well if you have some more left could you send me one?


    i know u already posted that u didnt have anymore, but if you get more, can i have one!

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